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  Storytelling is at the heart of what  we do.  From scripting to shot planning, this begins in pre-production.   Every scene is carefully crafted before we even touch a camera to  ensure the final production reflects our initial vision.

  •     Conceptual Design
  •     Script Writing and Editing
  •     Consultations
  •     Casting
  •     Location Scouting
  •     Set Design



  Our team has years of experience  using our wide array of professional camera, audio, lighting, and grip equipment.  This expertise allows us to create a comfortable environment  that delivers the best results from our talent.

  •     Professional Equipment
  •     Multi-Camera Shoots
  •     Commercials
  •     Live Events
  •     Time-Lapse Photography
  •     Slow Motion Video
  •     Documentaries
  •     Short Films



  We work tirelessly to refine and  shape raw footage into a professional final production using Adobe  Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Audition.  We are ready to  deliver for TV or web in a multitude of formats.

  •     Color Correction
  •     Blu-Ray/DVD Authoring
  •     Editing
  •     Titles/Motion Graphics
  •     Sound Design
  •     Mixing
  •     Client Review
  •     Voiceover Recording

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